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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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a busy overnight and early morning for d.c. police. two people shot and as many as five others stabbed in the city. we'll show you where the crimes are centered and how people in those neighborhoods are dealing with the violence. good morning everybody. >> we are also keeping a close eye on two weather fronts, the storms that could cause problems along the coasts of north carolina and florida and the heat that's sticking around here. i'm storm team 4 met tolgs. temperatures could be up to 90 degrees today. th how long will it last? i'll let you know coming
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we're working to learn more about several different criminal nvp investigations in the district this morning. it was a violent night in d.c. including near the metro station. what happened? >> reporter: well, that's what people in this neighborhood want to know, especially after such a violent night all across the city. d.c. police knocked on doors on rhode island avenue northeast after a shooting left a man dead late last night. this woman who did not want to face our camera said she heard the shots. >> probably between 11:30 to 12:00 and i heard a couple of shots, three, four. >> reporter: police crime tape stretched across most of the houses and
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traffic between 10th and 12th. police tape is left behind. mary sales looks out the front door questioning whether it's safe enough to take her dpragran out of the house. >> i don't know if i can sit out on the front porch or walk my grandson. we need to do something about this. we really do. >> reporter: violence across the city sent six men to the hospital overnight. a shooting wounded a man in southeast and five stabbings between midnight and 3:30 this morning, one in northeast, four others in northwest as police look for motive and suspects. this man says more has to be done to change the way men, young men in particular in the city think about their future. >> your mind and what you think matters. they don't think that what they think matters and it does and they don't understand the power they have. >> reporter: no identity or ages
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those wounded are expected to survive thi survive their injuries. the police have their work cut out for them and no arrests in any of those cases. news 4. developing now a person on foot hit and killed by a car in fairfax county. we have a chopper to show you the scene overhead. you're can looking down on richmond highway. this is the 8,300 block in the alexandria section of the county. police are telling us it was a man who was walking and hit and killed. the driver we understand did stay there on the scene. police are talking to that person to try to figure out exactly what happened. we have no information right now on the victim. we are working to find out more about that person. richmond highway is now back open. angie back to you. >> thanks so much. rit
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systems are on target to soak portions of the east coast as you can tell from our radar here. the timing not so great. many people spending the week on the beaches in north carolina and florida. we are joined now to find out when the storms will hit. are we going to see any rain out of them. >> for us we could use the rain and neither system is promising much if anything in the way of a rain chance for us. category two hurricane gaston out in the atlantic and two areas of tropical depression, this one is tropical depression number eight. this is spinning its wheels out here over the warm waters of the gulf stream. there's an opportunity for this to strengthen into a tropical storm and a forecast that came out minutes ago does believe this will become a tropical storm before midnight tonight. the other depression we're watching is down here in the
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southern parts of new mexico but showing signs of further organization. the hurricane centers latest update intensifies it to tropical storm strength by tomorrow and brings it back to the florida coast line in the next day or two. a look at our holiday weekend forecast coming up. how is this effecting football? it is. you can watch the redskins one day earlier. the team's finally game has been moved up to wednesday. the bucks tweeted last night saying due to this expected severe weather thursday night's game has been moved to wednesday. you can catch the game here on nbc 4 tomorrow night at 8:00. a man is in serious condition after a rescue in rock creek park. investigators are trying to figure out why a tree fell on his park while it was moving. this happened last night along beach
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responders needed help from people passing by. >> he lifted the tree and pushed the car out from under it. the car was moving so it was a one in a million kind of thing. >> it took nearly 20 people to lift that tree and firefighters had to cut the man out of the car. they say his injuries are live threatening. it's unclear what caused the tree to snap. ta man is recovering but he'll be okay after this serious crash. he lost control of his car and hit a house last night. it made for some serious damage. prince george's county police saying no one in the house was hurt. the driver had non-life threatening injuries and police have not said what caused the man to crash. the trial for prince george's county man accused of murdering his girlfriend's baby is under way. the man is charged with first degree murder in the 23-month-old's death. he was muwatchi
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girlfriend was at work and the boy died from injuries he suffered. the trial is expected to last through thursday. metro says it is listening to your concerns and providing free wi-fi. it's a pilot program around for 45 days. you can access the wi-fi in different areas in the metro. through this wi-fi you can test the program called "where's my train". metro wants feedback to figure out if it it should be applied at all 91 stations. metro is applying a new program called select pass. it allows you to pay a lump sum at the start of the month for unlimited rides. metro is offering more provides points to save commuters fares. you need to get a select pass today to get the full barring for the month of september. you're going to want to
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reporter tomorrow. he's going to a big announcement about the marine core marathon. they're going to talk about how to get around the metro's safe track. metro transports thousands of people to arlington for the race. there will be a robust transportation plan but it's not clear if metro is involved this time. right now with children in fairfax county are getting a treat before heading ba can to school next week. free hair cuts and a little entertainment thanks to firefighters and police. news 4's megan mcgraph joins us with more on this special event. this is nice. >> reporter: yeah, this is a great program. it's called the public safety kids' cut program and you can see how well attended it is here. we have a line of children waiting to have their faces painted and we have a
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getting hair cuts. everybody wants to look good on the first day of school. it gives you a confidence boost and things going in the right direction. members of the public safety community are helping out to make sure local kids get a hip new haircut before they head back to class. everyone is gathered here at the gum springs community center. we have beauticianens and barb barbers. they're here consulting with kids coming up with the perfect hair do for school. >> you look good, you feel good. a lot of these kids and i'll tell you the truth, they have told us here, some of them they wouldn't receive a haircut for school if it was not for us coming out and bringing the local barbers here. >> it's very good. some people don't have enough money to buy things for their children so this is very helpful for them. >> reporter: the program is also a great way to build relationships. the
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interact with police and firefighters in a fun setting. they get to talk in a casual way not in an emergency situation that so often happens. another part of this is it's not just the hair cuts. there's also another part of the program where they'll be giving away backpacks to needy kids to make sure the kids have all the supplies they need to make this a successful school year. back to you in the studio. >> thank you megan. a major financial blow for apple. the maker of the iphone being ordered to pay back billions. why the company is accused of taking illegal tax benefits. we're hearing the frantic police calls ahead of ahooting s
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we want to share witha picture that we just got in this morning from d.c. police of a missing teenager. they're causing her a critical missing person. this is diamond ridgeway. she's 17 years old. she has not been seen in almost two weeks. police say she was last seen leaving the 4,700 block of jay street in northeast. look at her face there. she's
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if you have seen her or know where she is please get in touch with police. the number of hepatitis a cases in virginia traced to the tropical smoothie locations is up to 40. the infection is connected to frozen strawberries. more than 500 of the franchises across the country. turning to decision 2016 where a new poll gives us a glimpse where the race stands more than two months from election day. this week clinton's lead over donald trump slightly narrowing. shae leads trump 48% to 42%. that's down from her eight point lead last week. >> reporter: all fighting for reelection today. >>
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mccain. >> reporter: all effected by the fall out from clinton versus trump. >> build strong boarders. build a wall and illegal immigration. >> reporter: donald trump's preparing to lay out specifics in tomorrow's immigration speech. aides say he'll call clinton's plan guaranteed amnesty and he's going after black voters. clinton teams has troubles too. >> i have forgiven him. >> reporter: top aide is announcing she's splitting with her former husband. >> humin is like family. >> reporter: trump called clinton's tied to the couple bad judgment. >> hillary clinton can't afford another scandal. something else for donald trump
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>> reporter: abedin is a key figure into hillary clinton's e-mail. >> reporter: the state department has given hillary clinton until october to turn over e-mails. nbc news washington. the fbi alerting election officials nationwide to be on the lookout for cyber intrusions. this comes as u.s. intelligence officials tell us that russian hackers were behind the latest hacks. his death sparked anger and demands for more answers. now we're hearing what happened when a highway patrol officer in north carolina shot and killed a deaf man next week. we go through the newly released dispatch calls. >> reporter: this is audio from t
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killed daniel harris. sanders says he tried to pull a vehicle over for speeding on interstate 485. during the seven-minute stretch the trooper dispatched the driver isn't pulling over but going faster reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour. the vehicle crashed but it kept going. 15 seconds later this. >> fire shot. >> shots fired, one down. shots fired, one down. >> that audio was released by the north carolina state bureau of investigation which is examining this shooting. the state's public safety director has asked the public to wait to react until a full investigation is complete. the mayor called the d.c. 911 outage unacceptable and this morning we learned what caused
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it go down. an engineer in investigating a water leak hit the stop button. the outage lasted for two hours on sunday morning. at this point officials don't know exactly how many calls were missed but they do say they are unaware of any major incidents that were not handle had. aaa says this speed camera is not safe and should be moved. the association says the camera should be in a safer area to avoid crashes between trucks and cars leaving the trucking section area. safety advocates say the camera is not in compliance with federal guidelines and that camera issues nearly 70,000 tickets a year raking in more than $7 million in revenue. new today apple will have to pay up to $14.5 billion in back taxes and interest to ireland after the
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it received illegal tax benefits over 11 years. it's the latest in the eu executives commission's battle to have companies pay their fair share in the region. there was no reaction from apple but the u.s. government is expected later today. the college search has begun for millions of families and just as important as choosing a school is how to pay for it. we have important information you need to know. >> reporter: although it may seem premature to think about repaying student loans before you apply you will save yourself financial hardship by thinking about it beforehand. there are a ton of resources out there to get a better idea of the financial aid that will be available to you. just because you got financial aid for the first year you may not receive that same amount year after year. >> that's the case with
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scholarships or grants that are offered. you may need to ensure you continue to get that but even though the dollar amount might stay the same for the four years your tuition may go up. >> there are hundreds of college schol scholarships that go unused every year. have your kids apply for as many as they can. it costs nothing and the rewards can be huge. go to our nbc washington app and search college debt. it's sunny and hot again. >> it's so pretty out there. looking outside, chuck is back after the break to let us know if it's going to get hotter. the healing power of a song. a little later in the newscast the results of a new study on how singingan c
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there's now an investigation connected to the earthquake that demolished three towns in italy. prosecutors say the damage should not have been as bad as it was. more than 100 buildings in three towns collapsed and need significant repairs. the prosecutors say some of those buildings were new and supposedly earthquake proof. that includes the only school which
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the time when the quake hit last week. since the disaster 290 people have been confirmed dead. 11 people died in the dramatic flooding in louisiana. hundreds of thousands of survivors are asking for help rebuilding their damaged homes. fema says 130,000 households applied for federal assistance. it's approved more than $385 million in aid so far. more than $100 million is for flood insurance alone. it smells good in here. there's some good korean food coming up later. >> i'll take that as a compliment for today. >> we'll be eating later but talking about the weather speaking of cooking. >> it's warming up out there. outside we've got sunshine out
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outdoors. keep some of that heat out of the kitchen and outside where it belongs. this continues to be a very warm august around here. in fact still tied for the warmest august on record. 94 yesterday was the 49th trip above the 90 degree mark. today we're going to be close. i'm forecasting 90 for downtown washington. i think we'll be 90 or higher tomorrow. 83 right now. 82 planning your day out hour by hour, 87 degrees at 2:00 and 88 at 5:00. 81 degrees at 8:00 tonight and back down to 73 by 11:00 p.m. for tomorrow, another
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increasing clouds and there might be a chance for rain after the sun goes down tomorrow but our best chance for rain this week comes up on thursday. that's our best chance. it doesn't mean we're going to get a lot of it. this weather front is the feature that generates the rain chance around here on thursday. a tropical depression number eight still spinning its wheels off the banks of north carolina. that will turn further out to sea. this one down here in the southern gulf likely to cross florida wednesday or thursday. i'll give you the specific tracks on those later. 90 today and 93 tomorrow. showers off and on through thursday morning. low humidity and cooler than normal temperatures. what a great way to start september. we'll look at the decision by milan to make a generic form of the epipen and how quicit
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part of the gulf coast and are expected to strengthen. the most immediate danger is to the outer banks of north carolina and that storm threatening that area could become a tropical storm by the end of the day. >> mike is in the outer banks where people are still enjoying the beach right now. >> here on the outer banks of north carolina we're watching tropical depression number eight. the locals are not concerned at all. >> hopefully it blows by kick and i can be back at the beach. >> the worst will be gusty winds and downpours. we have last a little bit of sand but high tide this morning came up to about here. last night's high tide went all the way up here almost to the lifeguard stand. this moves out and then they're going to be watching tropical depression number nine don
11:31 am
the gulf of mexico. that is forecast to track offshore on friday we don't get any direct impact but again it will be a surf and rip current issue. >> storm team 4 meteorologist is tracking these storms. he'll have the latest forecast in ten minutes. threatening e-mails are putting four universities on high alert. police confirmed dozens of people received the e-mails yesterday. the one sentence e-mail threatened to kill people on campus. campus police say a person on their campus who is affiliated with virginia tech received the e-mail wl classes have not cancelled at either school. activists will deliver a petition to milan headquarters. milan is planning to launch a generic version but
11:32 am
a few years ago. nbc reports consumer rights groups say the company is still gouging the people whose lives depend on the epipen. >> reporter: the announcement follows weeks of backlash and outrage over price hikes for a drug used most often to save children's lives. over ten years the epipen has gone from 100 to $600. today milan says the new generic will cost half that, $300. >> milan is working hard to avoid plain talk about price. milan should cut it's price down to $100. >> reporter: the new generic version will be more expensive than a typical generic produced by a competitor. milan is changing the label. >> it is an identical product and they're calling it an
11:33 am
milan still has the whole market of the generic and the whole market of the branded. >> reporter: last week the ceo told cnbc the company has spent hundreds of millions of dollars of product development. >> you need the exact right amount of epinephrine in seconds. >> reporter: but the drug itself has been around for years and costs $3. the auto injector is also cheap. the epipen has earned the company more than a billion dollars a year. in may it was said i think you'll see opportunities for us to have that price per pen increase. the concern among advocates that anxious parents may avoid the generic and stick with the expensive brand name they ow. nbc news washington. a virginia school board wants the supreme court to settle the nationwide trge
11:34 am
it prevents a teenager who identifies as male from using the male bathroom. the teen can't use the boy's bathroom. the supreme court ruled he can be required to use a private rest room until the justices decide whether to intervene. lots of kids are walking back into school for the year but one major school district some of the equipment has been walking out. an investigation by the news 4 i-team finding crooks are stealing school supplies by the dozen. >> reporter: elementary school, one of the most innocent of places. you wouldn't think a crook would target one but on a sunday morning there were valuables inside for the taking and thieves took 25 lap tops from
11:35 am
joe's son and daughter attend this school. >> computers are used every day. parents have fought to get more into the school and classrooms. >> reporter: thieves hit this school twice this spring. security cameras caught four suspects in action. the news 4 i-team using the freedom of information act obtained a list of every theft in the past three years and we found hundreds of computers stolen. some thefts reported on the weekends in the dark of night or the middle of the school day. at neighboring schools far fewer computers were lifted. 70 taken in fairfax. >> the lap tops that we hand out they're everywhere and they're ly
11:36 am
>> reporter: he says each one is given a bar code, a serial number and configured it can be used after someone logs on to the school district's network. >> reporter: when they sign into your computer you can find out where they are. d.c. school administrators declined an interview but issued a statement saying each building has alarms and codes and said each computer is set up with a tracking tool that mon terz the location of the device when it's online. the computers are stored in locked carts during the school day. even if they can be traced those computers travel far and wide before they're recovered if they're recovered. at least one laptop made it across the country before it was recovered. sold online before police in the city shut down the store for knowingly pedali
11:37 am
electronics. police are arrested some of the crooks. as for the stole encomputers themselves, two of the 25 have been found. that case remains open but the i-team found something else interesting. when we asked the school district weeks ago for the copies of the insurance claims it's filed to recover the money from the thefts, the school district said it the none. when we pressed them as to why they made a different statement they've made 121 claims in the past two years about a quarter of which have been paid out. joe says they should be recouping the money. >> it's sad it happens across the district rf. >> reporter: with so many computers missing. >> to see which schools have reported stolen computers and when you can go to our app and search investigations. our hot summer is not over yet. if you are headed outside the good news
11:38 am
bright. the bad news is it's hot and humid. chuck is going to let us know when we'll get a break from this heat. the power oa song. hf ow
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table
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congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. following breaking news, we've learned that the u.s. department of agricultural has closed offices in six states because of threats in west virginia, colorado, connecticut. they are working to figure out if the threats are creditable. we are working to find out more about what those threats exactly are and more about those closures, particularly in maryland and west virginia. we'll bring you the latest on those as soon as
11:41 am
>> all right. thank you. a severe thunderstorm dumped heavy rain and hail in the streets of colorado springs, so much rain drivers had to be rescued and cars had to be towed. there were flash flood warnings issued for colorado springs. >> turn around, don't drown. if you can't see the road what are you doing driving on it. >> walk away. >> around here you said we could use rain but it's not happening. >> the best chance for rainfall is thursday. it's just enough to wash the current layer of dust off the top of everything but not enough to really give a good soaking rainfall across the region. right now temperatures are 83 in washington and 84 at bull run. as you're planning out your
11:42 am
temperatures upper 80s with plenty of sunshine. cloud free across us and down here in the outer banks is tropical depression number nine. it's continuing to work it's way off the coast line and th. as we go through time the reason they moved the redskins up a day to tomorrow night instead of thursday, as we get towards wednesday 7:00 it's out here and thursday 8:00 in the morning and thursday 8:00 in the evening near jacksonville, florida and then staying far out to sea. we'll keep a close eye on that. tropical depression eight is closer to the autoer banks already. this storm is pretty well organized. the hurricane center thinks both will take on names in the next couple
11:43 am
won't have much of an effect on us no matter how you slice it. here is your ten day forecast. dry and 93 tomorrow. the whole labor day weekend is looking spectacular around here. back into the mid 90s by next week. >> thank you. it is lunch time. we're doing some korean cooking today. >> did you bring your chop sticks? >> what just happened? >> chuck! >> it looks good to me. >> we're joined by a woman whose -- >> not the food. my son has meningitis b.
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? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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our next guest grow up in south korea reading and drawing cartoons. she moved to the u.s. as a teenager and turned her passion into a successful career. robin's latest creation is cook korean. it's easy way to make traditional korean food. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> this book is absolutely charming. i might be biased having grown
11:47 am
up in korea but it's a cookbook unlike any other and that's through the power of pictures. do you find this makes it easier when it comes to doing the recipes? >> definitely. i think comic book is a great media for any type of cooking. cooking has to be in sequential order. it makes it very friendly and very engaging. >> when we talk about art, one of the most beautiful dishes that the korean culture has is this. this is our rice bowl. we're going to make it and it looks like a sushi roll but i say it's not sushi. what does it involve and how easy is it to make? >> it is seaweed and rice. so like the sushi usually has like a raw seafood in it but this is usually co
11:48 am
>> how easy it to roll? i remember my mom doing this when i was little. >> it takes a little bit of practice. >> can i try? >> of course. >> you go first. >> the traditional one has some kind of sausage in it. i made this this morning. you take a little bit and then just make a nice roll. >> i can eat it by itself. a little carrot. what i love about this is that we actually have a shot of the recipe and it shows how you illustrate it is that you included tid bits and you talk about it being one of the big picnic foods for korean food so you learn a little bit about the culture. you give suggestions and you say experiment. if you want to throw in avocado or fried chicken do what you want. that's beautiful. >> i li
11:49 am
food is verse tiatile so you ca make it your own. there's no one set way to do this. >> start rolling. >> pick up the end and then you have to kind of tuck it in. right. >> okay. >> and then you go halfway all the way in like this and then you kind of squeeze it. it takes practice to get tighter and tighter but it's okay. as long as it stays together, that's all that matters. and then so this is the seasoned rice which was in the bottom but this is plain rice and you can take a little bit and just kind of smear it at the end. >> this is like glue that you can eat. >> right. >> it gets caught in your hair too. you can go ahead and roll that and then the other thing is the ses mooe oil. >>
11:50 am
ingredient. you use it in every salve ory meal. >> in addition to this roll you're doing which you can cut up and make into circles or you can eat it whole, it will keep the kids entertained for hours but you made a korean pancake here and then the garlic beef was very tender and your recipes in this book, everything is in cook korean. we're going to have the recipes in our app. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. i didn't get to cut it. >> it's okay. it's so pretty. >> oh, well. more for you guys to eat. >> thanks ladies. right now florida's major theme parks are joining the fight against zika.
11:51 am
spray and lotion for free. no transmitted cases have been found in florida. officials are offering the spray to ease fears. singing to preemies help them thrive. scientists found singing helped stabilize newborn's breathing in the nicu. the therapy doesn't just benefit newborns, mother's stress levels dropped when they sang to their little ones. fter the a
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family, friends and fans of gene wilder are mourning the loss of the actor today. the man best known for his role in willy wonka has died. >> he died from complications from aulzheimer's disease. >> reporter: gene wilder was an unlikely leading man, gentle, sweet and hilarious. >> you have to remember these are simple farmers. these are people of the land.
11:55 am
>> reporter: through a span of several decades you starthe sta movies big and small and brought to the screen performances that were unforgettable. >> it's alive! it's alive! >> reporter: from young frank stein to blazing saddles, he was magic. he was hilarious with richard prior and while it was a failure at the box office the role wilder was most identified with and beloved for was willy wonk yeah. after his third wife lost her battle with cancer, wilder was a pillar of the cancer support group.
11:56 am
actor from childhood, tired of hollywood and once said i like the show, but i don't like the business. >> don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. >> what happened? >> he lived happily ever after. >> reporter: nbc news new york. we have some updated new information about the u.s. da closures because of threats. we found out one of those locations is in maryland. this is coming from the usda. they say they received several messages yesterday that are concerning for the safety of usda personnel and its facilities so as a result they've closed offices right now in five states and one of them being in maryland. we are working to get as much information as we can about the situation there as well as the other usda offices. chuck. >> thanks. grilling in theac
11:57 am
barbecuing out in the backyard. tomorrow highs up in the low 90s and if you're planning your weekend at the beach, saturday, sunday, monday, perfect beach weather, temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. a little breezy on sunday but otherwise nothing to worry about. low 90s today and tomorrow. few showers on thursday, and great weather for the holiday weekend and warming up next week. eventually this summer will end. >> we'll take your word for it. >> that is going to do it for the news. thanks so much for joining us. we'll be back on the air this afternoon starting the 4:00. >> you can get updates with the washington app. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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stand by, everyone. we are live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ >> wow. what a voice. alicia keyes singing the aerosmith classic dream on. doing it makeup free. welcome to "access hollywood" live. i am kit


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